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Don't bust ya balls, just crack ya nuts!

The NutCracker is a heavy duty wheel nut removing tool, also known as a torque multiplier. It is of sturdy and rigid metal construction with an output torque ranging up to 9,800nm of torque, which takes the effort out of cracking your wheel nuts. It comes complete with a moulded carry case for easy usage and storage.

Because it makes the somewhat difficult task so easy, you will never get stuck again with nuts you just can’t crack. Now we are in an era of unisex drivers and operators, cracking wheel nuts now is so easy that a woman and even a child can do it! See it on Bluey’s YouTube video. Still not convinced? have a look at our second video.

Here’s how to crack a wheel nut using the NutCracker: Fit a socket onto NutCracker and then fit the crank handle. Fit NutCracker onto a wheel nut with the leg resting against the next wheel nut, to the right for a RH thread and to the left for a LH thread. Crank the handle in the ‘undo thread’ direction and you will see that when NutCracker is turning, so is the nut. It really is that simple.

Once the nut is ‘cracked’ and slightly loose, remove the NutCracker from the wheel nut, then fit the socket onto the extension bar and crank handle. You now have a crank-type tool to remove the nuts speedily. As the handle is turned, 1 revolution equals 1 thread of the nut. Repeat this for all nuts and remove the wheel.

Bluey also has NutCrackers to suit cars, caravans, trailers, horse floats, RV’s and 4WD’s.

To order your NutCracker today, call Sandy in the office on 03 9314 4485 and it will dispatched the same day!

Contact: Sandy
Phone: 03 9314 4485